The End Of An Era

Dear Friends and Family,

It’s been quite an adventure hasn’t it? From our modest beginnings just outside Osake Sushi Bar and Lounge in 2006, to Ward, to Waikiki, to Kapahulu and on-line, all amidst some very big, personal moments in my life... marriage and two children, I’d have to say the past decade for me has been a huge and unexpected accomplishment. 

As I reflect on the bounty of your support throughout the years, I’m brought to my knees by humbled gratitude. My success as an entrepreneur and style influencer is solely because each and everyone of you supported and believed in me. Truly, the measure my success is most genuinely defined by the friendships I’ve made because of Bamboo Sky. No matter how casual or how significant, please know that every single interaction with you was like a high for me. 

My heart overflowed knowing...
how happy you were with your new outfit for the weekend, 
how stoked you were to finally have found us, 
how I got you overcome your “fear” of rompers (LOL), 
how you would buy the entire outfit straight out of the look book, 
how excited you were to find treasures in our sale rack,
how you hung out with us long after your purchase because you felt so at home,
or when you would proudly tag us on your social media,
when you twirled around in front of our mirror, because you knew how damn good you looked,
when you would share how amazing your experience was with one of my shopgirls. 

And basically just watching your life grow along side mine. All these little moments were the joy and light inspiring me to continue on. As if you were a part of my family, I felt honored that you trusted us with your fashion woes. And because I treasure our friendship so much, I want to share some news with you. 

Recently, I’ve grown exhausted. As you may well know, it literally takes a village to raise children. Well, same goes for running a small business and I’ve got both on my plate. Juggling between the demands of running a business to my extremely high standards of anal-ness and trying to be the world’s best super mom has taken a toll on my mind, body and soul. I was stretched so thin that I began not enjoying my work. It became a chore and occasionally a burden. When I came to realize these feelings it scared me. I never, ever experienced these feelings about Bamboo Sky.  In fact, Bamboo Sky has been the foundation for so many positive things in my life. How can the business that brings me so much joy, at the same time be casting a shadowing over my life? This, topped off by the sudden passing of my beloved Vinny last month brought me to a momentary place of sadness, questioning my path in life. How much longer can I portray the YOUNG fashionable business owner before the YOUNGER generations realize I’m actually old? Lol. But all jokes aside. How can I achieve a renewed sense of self? How can I find the mental energy to persevere? What will make me happy and at the same time be healthy for my family? How do I restart my engine? 

Ultimately, after long talks with my family and closest friends, I’ve decided to lessen the load and close the retail side of Bamboo Sky. I need to refocus on a life that will be more balanced and in line with a future that will continue to nurture my creative, entrepreneurial spirit, but allow me to be less bombarded with the overwhelming stress of running a retail store. Believe me, this decision did not come easy and making this official announcement is bittersweet. 

However, this is not the series finale, let’s just call it the season finale. I have a new shopping experience in the works that will allow me to continue my passion in this industry on a smaller, more manageable scale while I pursue a new career. In addition to this new business plan, I will continue editing it down to a curation of only the best selling brands and my ultimate favorites- the irresistible must haves. 

Bamboo Sky will close it’s doors at the end of November 2017. Starting November 1st, everything will be on “close out” sale:  50% off current season collections, $5 bins, $20 bins.... Everything must go. On-line shoppers enter code ENDOFANERA50 at check out for 50% off your purchase.

Most (not all) fixtures will be sold off too. Yep! Been fawning over our glass jewelry boxes? Love lounging on our white couch? Need a cool clothing rack for your seasonal favorites? Stop in and scoop up some pretty cute furnishings. I’ll be doing a separate blog post for fixtures and furnishing so you can see what’s up for grabs. (Cash only for these items)

Again, it has been the greatest pleasure getting to know all of you and watching your lives grow along with mine. Please don’t be a stranger, stay in touch and feel free to DM me @bamboosky or on my personal Instagram @accordingto_t where I will slowly reveal what I’ll be doing in the near future. Closing out with just a tiniest glimpse of some of the most meaningful moments the past decade has brought.  I tried finding more old photos of the first store and of the original shop girls but I assume that because it was during the PRE smart phone days, I must have ACTUAL photos stored away in boxes. 

Cheers to new beginnings!

And since I'm going down memory lane, I also love witnessing the evolution of Bamboo Sky through the perspective of my look books.  The other part of my job that gave me ultimate life was creating a lifestyle and vibe through visual display.  My vision could not have been possible with out the hardworking team(s) both on camera and behind the scenes. All of whom I admire so  much as colleagues, friends and family.

Models: Kakyo Tamaki, Kristen Kerch, Alyson Kintscher, Marlie Hinshaw, Bj Jiyarom, Kori Pilago, and Sophie Wilson.

Photographers: Harold Julian, Paula Kim, Courtney Mau and Samantha Feyen

MU & Hair: Mariah Melanie, Jamie Keiko, Eriel Valera, Kecia Littman